The idea of documenting what I saw in everyday life became engrained in my work.  Cultura, la politica, los zapatistas, chicano history y familia were important in my life and thus in my work.  Teaching elementary in South Central Los Angeles inspired me to address issues in African American culture and history. At the end of 1997, I visited Chiapas with Quetzal Flores and Gabriel Tenorio.  We stayed in San Cristobal de las Casas and visited some Zapatista communities.  We also stayed in DF for a couple of days, visiting museums and checking out the Siqueiros murals at Chapultepec Castle.  An inspiring trip, I remember being pulled out of a bus near Palenque, getting interrogated by the federales and fearing for my life.  Important paintings for the year were quetzal, quinto sol, tres girls, quebradita, road trip, iglesia roja and MLK.