1995- I painted like the world was about to end!  I was offered another opportunity to paint a mural, Spraypaint Warrior, by an apartment owner who saw me painting Jobs For a Future!  No money, just materials and the freedom to create public art with a message.  I painted work that celebrated past and present struggles in an effort to inspire a new vision for our communities.  With Prop 187 and the Zapatista uprising as the backdrop, I actively taught my students how to paint, teaching them about the conquest, slavery, civil rights and the struggles of people of color.  I also started teaching painting and ceramics at Plaza de la Raza in Lincoln Heights.  My exhibits and opening receptions at Abbots Habit, in Venice, attracted a lot of people.  Quetzal regularly played at the openings, the food was catered by las mujeres de Proyecto Pastoral.  I enjoyed painting and talking about art with my brother Omar, who was working with Judy Baca at SPARC.