1992-2nd year of grad school at UC Berkeley.  Seems like such a long time ago!  My focus was ceramics.  I worked with Richard Shaw and Jim Melchert, in a studio originally built for Peter Voulkos.  I learned how to fire gas and electric kilns, mix clay and glazes, throw on a wheel and build  slab sculptures. 

1993-Graduated with an MFA and after 10 years of being away, I was itching to move back to Los Angeles.  Although I had enjoyed living in the Bay Area, I was excited to be back in my community.  Los Angeles was rebuilding after the LA Riots.  Many artists were ready to create a better world.  I started teaching for LAUSD at Ascot Avenue Elementary in South-Central LA and exhibited my work at Abbot’s Habit in Venice.  I also attended CSULA to get my teaching credential.